Medical Devices

Medical self-adhesive devices can be customized to fit any specific need. Electrode printing, multilayer systems, advanced adhesive converting, and clean room production are just some of the possibilities we can provide to you.

Example of an ECG patch

Every layer has its special aim to perform. Depended of the need, each layer is carefully selected for its purpose.
Layer 1
Pull tabs to ease removal of liner
Layer 2
Contacts to the skin, ex. Hydrogel or dry electrodes.
Layer 3
Release Liner.
Can be different thicknesses and different colours.
Layer 4
Skin adhesive layer. ex. nonwovens, Pu-films Hyperstretch. Hydrocolloid, acrylic or silicone adhesive
Layer 5
PSA Adhesive
Layer 6
Die electric ink
Layer 7
Conductive inks.
ex.AG / AG Cl / Graphite / Graphene
Layer 8
Electrode baselayer. ex, PET / TPU
Layer 9
Re inforcement / sealing film
Layer 10
Double coated adhesive. fastener for socket
Layer 11
Moulded plastic socket

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We can offer multiple solutions for your needs

You don’t need to have it all figured out before contacting us. We are your creative partner that will help you from the very beginning of the process of making the best solutions for your needs.
Wearable sensors
Wearable sensors such as ECG and EKG patches are the future of monitoring health in real time. We are a supplier of multilayer disposable patches that are customized for these new applications.
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Fixation stick to skin adhesives
Nile offers precision die cut fixation adhesives for sensors and diabetes infusion systems. Several medical-grade materials can be combined and partially placed on the product so that optimal functions can be achieved. The products can be delivered on a roll or as a single pack.
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Multilayer products
Nile offers precision die cut fixation multilayer systems for advanced wound care and wearable sensors. With the ability to partially place individual layers on the product and liners, an almost infinite number of possibilities can be achieved. The layers can also include printed electronics.
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Membranes for medical applications
Die cut self-adhesive hydrophobic or oligo phobic membrane seals are often used in various medical applications. They offer an air-permeable seal that is easy to assemble in automatic dispensers. The seals are delivered in cassette reels and ready to use.
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Stick to skin adhesives
Precision die cut self-adhesives can be customized to different surfaces. The double-coated adhesive can be built from various adhesives designed for the surface. The die cut parts can be delivered on reels and are then ready to be assembled in an automatic process.
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